World Space Week in Ireland


 One manifestation entitled "Discovery and Imagination using image manipulation." is organised in Northern Ireland (3-7 October 2005). Another one "Discovery and Imagination" will be presented as an Open Day at University College, Cork in Republic of Ireland (9 October 2005).


Discovery and Imagination using image manipulation.

3-7 October 2005 -- Northern Ireland

Armagh Planetarium will be collaborating with Queen’s University Belfast for this years’ celebration of World Space Week in Northern Ireland.

Students from local secondary schools will be invited to the university to listen to presentations by Robert Hill from Armagh Planetarium. The main topics will be Earth Observation and our place in the Universe.

After the presentations, teachers and students will use the European Space Agency Earth Observation portal for schools EDUSPACE and manipulate images of Belfast and surrounding area using the excellent Leoworks image-processing software created by ESA for the EDUSPACE website.

After a short discussion period and Q&A session, students will then have the opportunity to remotely control the huge 2 metre Faulkes Telescope ‘live’ from Hawaii to take their own images of celestial objects. Students can then discover the link between remote sensing and image processing looking ‘down’ at the earth and ‘up’ at the universe using the new ‘SalsaJ’ software created for the European Hands-On Universe project. (EUHOU)


Students recognise local geographical features using satellite data.
Students use their imagination to discover how light (and different wavelengths) are used by scientists to highlight and enhance satellite images.
Students and teachers learn how to use space technology in the classroom using Information Technology.
Students and teachers will realise that we use similar techniques to observe and preserve our own world and look deep into the cosmos.
Promotion of science as a career option for school pupils.

Discovery and Imagination at University College, Cork Open day

9 October 2005, Republic of Ireland

To conclude WSW in Ireland, Armagh Planetarium will be working with University College, Cork to introduce the general public to Astronomy and research topics at higher level.

Inside Armagh Planetarium’s portable planetarium ‘Stardome’ the general public will learn about the Night Sky over Ireland and discover how Irish scientists are using modern technology to discover the fascinating Universe in which we live.

During this day, attendees will be able to visit the UCC Astrophysics department and talk to researchers and ‘real’ scientists about their exciting work and discoveries.


General public understand benefits of science to modern society.

Pupils recognise the excitement of science and begin to take their own journey of imagination and discovery in the classroom and into higher level.

Promotion of science as a career option for school pupils.

Robert Hill